Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Notebook Page

It's not too late to celebrate the New Year!

For these two pages I wanted to try to practice some new folds and also make something bright and colorful.     I know it's past New Year's Day (really???), but I plan to go through it with Paddy when we resume homeschooling tomorrow.   That's why the questions aren't filled out yet.  It seems like a fun way to start our next term. 

I used two printables (links below) for the notebooking.  The printables ask you to reflect backwards to 2012 and forward to 2013 and write some of your "favorite things", so it seems like a fun thing to do with a 10 year old that we can look at a year from now.    Who doesn't like to talk about favorites?  Something like this might be fun to do on birthdays too!


Glue, scissors, paper scraps, cardstock etc.

Nadene at Practical Pages Lapbook Templates for ideas.   To find the templates in PDF, scroll down.  All the folds I used were from one of her templates.

Two New Year's printables.
  • New Year's Activity (looks really cute in color, but I didn't have color : ()  I used New Year Review page 1.   Page 2 looked cute, too, but it looked like it would use too much ink and just be grey on my black and white printer.  Below, the cut-outs in white/grey are from this printable. 
  • Kids New Year's Resolution Printable.  Very Cute, again!    Below, the cut-outs in yellow are from this printable.
Origami Paper.  I used the wildest colors I could pick that still looked somewhat all right together (to make up for the lack of color in the printouts).  

Page 1: About Me

Left:   simple triangle fold.  Name, Age, Favorite Color.

Middle:  simple hexagon fold.

Favorite food, favorite activity, favorite book.

Right:  a quilt fold, then it looked too big and square, so I folded the corners in to make it look more like origami.   Favorite song, favorite TV show, best book read, favorite movie.    I'm looking forward to hearing Paddy's answers to these questions!  

Here's the fold closed. 

Page 2:  Highlights of 2012, and Looking Forward to 2013

Overview.  You can see I messed up a little.  I put the "looking forward to 2013" banner too high, which meant I had to squish two folds together.  Oh well.

Left:  a 4-part petal fold.  Favorite Memory, Hardest Thing,  Greatest Lesson Learned, What I Loved Most about 2012.

Middle:  An accordion fold shaped sort of like a pencil or rocket.  I decided it looked like a rocket so I went with the theme and made the little paper plane and the star.   A New Talent I Developed this Year, I Would Describe Myself As,  This Year I Became More...

Bottom:  A Circle Fold.  (for 2013) -- Biggest Goal, Want to Learn, Want to Get Better At. 

Top Right:  A sort of envelope fold I made up (I think).  You take a triangle and fold in the corners.   3 Words to Describe This Year.

Bottom:  I wanted to try a Pop-Up, so I used these instructions from Enchanted Learning, except that my attempt to make quadruple pop-ups failed, so I simple did a uni-pop-up instead.  MUCH easier to manage.   I used a quadrangle tri-fold from Nadene's templates, and simply glued the top two sections together so the hole for the pop-up didn't show on the front.   That probably doesn't make sense, but if you try it, you will see what I mean. 

That was the most complicated part of this page, except the actual layout, and I am proud of it!

I thought I would also link to a couple of cute journal prompt pages, more for Mom than for kid.

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