Thursday, November 14, 2013

On Being Sick

*If the photos are/aren't showing up, let me know, OK?  I think I might have fixed it but I can't tell for sure because they were showing up fine on my computer.*

I am doing so much better, but whenever I go downstairs and tidy for a few minutes, I get dizzy and want to cry and take a nap.  This happened this very evening.  So I tend to stay mostly upstairs in my room and school is held from my bed.

View of School 
I haven't started cooking or cleaning yet.  I tidy and straighten a bit once a day.   Sean vacuumed and did laundry. Kieron carried things around for me that I couldn't pick up myself.   Kevin and Kieron have been cooking, and Kevin cleaned the dishes.  Sean and Kieron drove to the store to pick up a few items, and Sean took Paddy to piano lessons.   It has been impressive how the dynamics just sort of swirled and settled quietly into a different place. 

When I started recovering, since I couldn't move much, I started using my bed as my dashboard and making calls to everyone I was feeling sad about not connecting with for a while.  There were a few.  I had been busy and preoccupied, and the days slid by and I didn't reach out to them.  But now, I did.   It was about the best thing in the world getting warm fuzzies from people who cared about me.   I never want to forget that my folks, my people come before what I have on my to-do list.  

The kids would ask me what to do for school and I would give them books to read, a math page and some handwriting.   Paddy had to practice the piano.   Aidan's job is to make the coffee.  That was about it for this season.   We are now slowly working our way back up, but with some changes.  I will probably talk in another post about what we are doing, because it's forever since I've written a real homeschooling post.  Why is that, I wonder?

My poor Sandra Boynton kitty looks scared of Jack Skellington

The boys spent probably too much time on screens, but it sounded like they kept it healthy, not obsessive.    I admit I liked hearing them consult together about what game they were going to play.   It made me glad while I was sick and their Dad was preoccupied with me and with his work that they had each other.   Paddy also read piles on his own and made his own meals.  Aidan drew pictures and worked on his Mario Kart scrapbook.    

When I started being able to talk more and make sense, always a nice bonus that, my boys would come into the room and just talk about anything and everything.   The younger ones would flop down next to me wanting to be touched.   At first I couldn't hear them very well -- I could see their beaming faces and hear their voices but it was like they were talking a language I didn't know very well.   Over time I can actually hear and dialogue with them, which is also a nice bonus in family life.

I like the cars Aidan has been drawing recently
I had a few songs I would listen to and then I would cry.   This is not at all typical for me, but I came out of sickness feeling so different than I went in.   I am not sure yet whether it was one of those life turning points or not, but it has changed me a bit, I'm fairly sure. 

One thing I know.  I really love my boys.  I REALLY love my husband.  I love my friends and brothers.   I'm wondering now if I'm lazy or giving in to fear because I have to brace myself big time to walk down the stairs, and if I should push myself a little more to get back to normal.  I guess I was pretty sick.   


  1. Willa{{{{}}}} Meant to comment on your first sick post at how worried I am that you were so sick!!! and how grateful to hear you are on the mend. No my friend don;'t push yourself, nurture yourself, take time to recover. I did think when I read your first post that you sounded sick enough for hospital, you have been soo sick! and it takes time to recover.

    sounds like your family have it all under control anyway{{}}

  2. I'm glad you're on the mend Willa!

  3. I'm very sorry to hear you've been so unwell, Willa. I'm praying for your recovery. Maybe there's no hurry to get down those stairs? I hope you regain your strength soon. God bless!

  4. I'm so glad you have big helpers to help you take it slow. Sounds like one bad illness. I will continue praying for your recovery.

  5. Thank you all -- Erin, Susan, Sue, Mary -- you have no idea how much I appreciate your well wishes!

  6. I am glad you are not so loopy anymore! ;)


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