Monday, December 16, 2013

Most Posts of 2013 -- Linking Up

I'm linking up with Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things for this post.   From her blog, in case you want to play too:
If you have a blog, we'd love to see some of your best stuff from the year. Join in our "Most" Posts of 2013 link-up! Create a post of "mosts"- highlight five of your own posts from the year that fit into the following categories:

Post with the most clicks
Post with the most comments
Post with the best picture
Post that was hardest to write
Post that was your personal favorite (not your readers' favorite- your favorite)

The only rules are that the posts should be from your own blog, and they should be from 2013. Link-up at the bottom of this post!

So here goes with TUAR Mosts from 2013: 

Most Clicks

I am going to cheat a bit and say it was Counsels of Perfection for Christian Moms Reading Plan

It got the second-most clicks in actuality -- the first in number was the division lapbook.    But the Counsels of Perfection is more representative of our blog, so there you go.  

Most Comments

Looks like it may have been Resting in God with One's Children.   Does it still count if some of the comments were my replies?

Best Picture

Probably one of Chari's nature photos.   There are a lot of good ones, so I had trouble choosing.

Hardest Post to Write

I'm guessing it was Chari's 2012 list of books  as far as just being hard work to finish.

For me, On Being Sick was the hardest, in that it pulled at my heartstrings the most while I was writing it and when I read it now.  

Favorite Post

Probably The Choices of Master Samwise.  


  1. Might of been hard to finish but loved Chari's booklist.

  2. I'm so happy you're writing again, Willa. I hope you continue improving!

  3. I loved your post on rest especially. :) thanks for linking up!

  4. I have just lost myself in a delightful half hour of reading (while the kids destroyed the house and watched too much TV I am sure). Thank you for linking these up. I think The Choices of Master Samwise is my favorite too. You say "In another way, we are not operating against the grain of our nature when we are called, even when our call seems outside of what comes naturally to us. We are called to our true nature. " Reminds me of the fact that He does not call the equipped, but equips the ones He calls. It's never us, and always Him. Thanks for sharing.


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