Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year's Posts Cache 2007-2013

This is kind of more for my reference than anything else, and will probably be my last post of links for a while, anyway!     I was practicing making banners at Picmonkey, and also trying to collect my (and Chari's -- we co-posted a New Year Thankfulness list in 2012) posts talking about New Year's resolutions and related things.     That way, it's easy to refer back to in future.  

By the way, I think this year  (2014) is going to be a retrospective year.  Be warned!   I just realized that I have been blogging for 9 years this January, and I have been online (in egroups and the like) for a little bit more than 15 years, basically since the time I knew I was pregnant with Aidan, my #6.   That would be November 1998.   So I have been digging through archives recently, trying to organize and provide myself that continuity so vital to a proper sense of self.  

Here's a New Year resolution for me!  Get better at archiving!   

So here goes:      

Paddy and Aidan on a nature walk

The royal crew in Ireland.   We were in Ireland that year!   

Aidan took this picture -- Paddy got involved

Systems Update

(I was into systems that year)

Frodo thinking

Pirate and Ninja Knight

Clare and Paddy

(Paddy wants to do this again)

Word for 2013:  Beloved

Aidan in doctor's waiting room with friends

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  1. Kind of a walk down memory lane for me, as well. :)


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