Saturday, February 22, 2014

7 Quick Pictures of My Family in Florida -- and 2 Pictures of the Epcot Geosphere

We really aren't still in Florida, but for the past week we have been struggling with a virus, and so I haven't been writing or even really reading online.  Mostly I have been designing planning forms and filling them out, which is what I do whenever I need to reset/ refresh my homeschool vision.   And making book lists.  : )

This post will make it look like we're still at Disneyworld, though!  I'm just going to put some of the iPhone photos out here without editing or anything.   It looks like I mostly took pictures of my kids.  That's all right, because Family was my main area of focus for this Make a Wish trip.   Aidan's family is the most important thing to him.   If we were celebrating anything on this trip beyond the miracle that we have our Aidan, it was our journey as a family, which 15 years ago included several months in a small apartment in San Francisco with a sixth child in the ICU, and this February included 9 of the 10 of us being able to gather together from all over the country.  A bit of a milestone. 

In the Make a Wish limo on the way to the airport -- Aidan, Kevin, Sean, Kieron

At a Japanese grill in Epcot where they prepared food in front of you.

Aidan got a free wheelchair.  It helped him so much.   He tires out quickly.

Just to show we really were in Florida -- the Epcot ball.   Kieron is on the far right.
Paddy, Aidan and Sean taking a break at the Give Kids the World Village.

Peter, Clare, Kieron, Liam and Sean in the monorail!

I love this picture of Aidan and his Dad.   Aidan likes looking at it on my iPhone.
Clare and Peter.   We hadn't seen them since just after their honeymoon in late May.  Sigh... they live too far away.

Epcot Geosphere


  1. Wow, what a trip of a lifetime Willa. So awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your pics and I hope everyone feels better soon :) Hugs and love,

  2. What a fun family adventure. The picture of Aidan and his dad is so sweet.

  3. How fun! I remember the thing I liked the most about Epcot was the concerts they had going on. We heard great Irish music and polka, etc it was really fun. I hope you all had a great time.


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