Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume Five

Today's theme is to be short.......not my usual long-winded.  Not sure if that is even possible.
      Seriously???? I am coming down with something again???  I had just made it to about 90% after that flu in the first weekend in January. Sigh.  Thanks be to God I have been put "on call" for this work day......and I am the second of two nurses on I would only go in second.  And then it dawned on me......if the twin-mommy comes in....we would both be called in.  Praying the twin-mommy will not need to come in today.....or on Monday or Tuesday when I am alone!  Well, that was not too short.  Well, maybe for me. ;)

Update:  I did get called in....but only for 3 hours.....and not because of the twin-mommy....

 This has been a very sad week.

      My sweet friend Micki passed away this week......after a very short and serious illness. Her life was a blessing to so many.  This is still such a shock.  This will probably be the most painful funeral I have ever attended.

      And on the same day we learned of Micki's other best friend sent a text to me......her unborn baby had no heartbeat.  She was almost twenty weeks.  Her children are as close to me as my own children. Losing her baby is a loss to my family as well as hers.  My children were just as sad as if it had been their own sibling. My friend is so brave, facing this fourth time of not hearing a heartbeat.  We almost lost my friend with the last miscarriage......prayers for no complications with this one. 

Update:  No complications!  Now praying for healing!

      We finally got some snow!  Not much to brag about! First snow in the Winter of 2014.......and I live in snow country!  Not one flake fell since Winter officially began in December. Until Wednesday of this shoveling required.  No end to the California drought.  Yet.


THEY say 2-4 inches today and 5-8 tonight....we shall see......
Update so far:  Rain only falleth.

My 16 year old son is playing on the varsity team at the local high school.
He takes independent study he can keep playing sports.
It was our only sports option for him.
And this boy requires sports.
The basketball coach "raised" him from his first team basketball experience at age eleven.
The coach is also the husband of my good friend.......
who is also the director of our local charter school as
 well as our educational facilitator for the last 17 years....
A couple of weeks ago, he began starting the games.
The 2013-14 Season is fun to watch unfold.....
18-1 this season.
12 game winning streak.
Proud Mama.
Go Bears!

Edited before final posting: 
Current Update:  the team just won their 13th straight game tonight!

My boy is the one in white and yellow, right in front, arm bent.

"Have you been to a Bee Gees concert?"
One of the Google searches that brought someone to our blog this week.....pretty silly.
And how about: homeschool mom older?
Yeah.  I guess we match that criteria.

       We have chosen the day for Miss Maddelyn to come home from her student exchange in Slovakia.........we will see her beautiful countenance on July 9th.  Can't wait!  But first......she has lots more things to accomplish.......a ski week, a tour of Europe........and more Slavic dancing and singing to do!

Gosh, I miss that beautiful smile.

       Oh!  She knows I love this song from Tangled......and she learned how to sing it in Slavic for me......and sang it to me on Skype last week.  One of the sweetest gifts ever.  :)

        Pretty exciting trip happening here for one of us Bloggers.........

        One of Aidan's (Willa's special needs boy) doctors referred him to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.......and he and most of the family are going to be picked up by limousine on Sunday to begin their travels to........

Walt Disney World!

        Soooooo, if you wonder why our blog is is because one of us is working........and one of us is hanging out with Mickey & Friends!

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Winter Blessings,
Bonus: great-niece pictures......which Willa said I am most definitely allowed to add here......
  Sweet Mitchie
 ...and her cousin wee sweet Eris......just after her bath today.....4 weeks old!


  1. I am so sorry for the loss of of your friend and for the loss of your other friend's baby. May they rest in peace. Bu, even so, with all the things you posted, it sounds like you have such a rich life. God bless you!

    1. Thank you so much, Faith! This loss is acute!

      Thank you for noticing.....I do, indeed, have a rich life........enriched by the friendship of Micki and of an opportunity to pray for my dear friend in her sufferings.......

      And God bless you!!!

  2. Will pray for your friend's healing, will pray for the repose of your soul and pray for all affected by these losses{{}}
    Awesome news for Aidan and family:)
    My children are obsessed with Tangled and now Frozen, these songs are sung in their voices all day, love it!

    1. Thank you so very much, Erin, for your prayers. Such heartbreak. My friend is recovering well from her procedure.......on the first day! Thanks be to God!

      VERY awesome news for my little friend, Aidan and his family.....did I mention how jealous I am? He forgot to tell them how he never goes anywhere without his Aunt Chari. ;)

      The music from both movies is fun! We often sing them.....and other musicals......many days!

      God bless you and yours! Kiss that sweet baby for us!


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