Friday, February 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Volume Six

        Finally. He just cannot put the books down! The Hunger Games trilogy. I never intended to let him read them till he was older......but I made a spontaneous decision when I saw a movie poster for Catching Fire.  I told him.....if he could read the first two books.....he could go to the movies with us. He took forever to get through the first third of the first book.  It just did not grab him like I thought it would.  He did not make it to the movies with us.  Eventually, after his 30 minutes of required (yeah.....what is this???? A bibliophile....has to force my own kid to read???) reading a day, for a couple of weeks......he finally got caught up in the story.  He awakened and read.....and skipped meals reading......and delayed bed, reading.  Yay!  He was finally a discipline problem!  He is now into the third book.  The most he has ever read in a month's time.  I have no idea where I want to go from here for him......I definitely do not want to lose my momentum.  I mean, his momentum.

       I am totally taking into consideration the idea of never folding laundry again.  I worked hard on my day off to get all of the laundry clean.  I worked for two solid days, 15.5 hours and 13 hours respectively....and both boys were off from school those days.  Not only did no one think to fold the laundry....but they went digging through it and dumped it all around the basket.  And that was how I found it the night I got off work.  Considering this happened the week before as well......I think maybe I will fold my own laundry, give my daughter her laundry.....and leave the boys' laundry in a basket in the laundry room. Their other issue is that when they take their clean & folded stack of laundry into their rooms.....they just set the stack down......never get them into the drawers.

      Now, I know some of you would just say to have them do their own laundry.....but in the division of labor in this house, I would prefer doing the laundry over doing the dishes and snow shoveling (in other winters, obviously not this year), I will probably keep my job.

     And, of course, I must put the pun out there:  Yes.  I most certainly just aired our dirty laundry.

      The boys and I were teasing Siri the other night.......she can be so silly.


My niece sent out a Facebook Saint Valentine greeting for the family tonight........

Photo: Happy Valentine's Day from the cutest Valentines in the world! ;) MUUUAAAAH
My little Great-nieces:
Eris at 4 weeks and Mitchie at 5 months.

       Speaking of Mitchie, my little great-niece........ she and her parents are moving from Hawaii tomorrow. To Reno!  Which means that I will get to go kiss and cuddle with her in person soon!  So very excited! But so bittersweet........she is moving away from her Grandma who has been with her since poor sister is going to miss her so much. 

       I mentioned last week that my dear friend Micki passed away after a very short and aggressive illness.  We are still so shocked that this happened to our Micki. The family is asking us to write and share our memories of Micki.  I was already planning to do that, for myself.  I keep getting distracted by writing other things......especially fun link-ups like this, I am going to ban myself from writing anything else until I get Micki's tribute penned. I pray that I can get it done before her memorial service.  Thus.......this blog will be silence while I work the weekend, recover...and write for Micki.  And while Willa recovers from her very busy adventure to Walt Disney World.

I leave you with a little funny. 
Who gets this?
I really want to know.

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  1. I'm sorry about your friend.

    I get the Alice joke. I love the song Siri chose.

    1. To the moon, Alice, to the moon! what a funny show.

      Thanks, Kelly, about my is so sad.

      Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

  2. I don't fold laundry anymore. I just don't have enough time and as you say it all gets unfolded as they look for stuff anyway.

    We enjoyed the Siri thing. And I totally got the Alice joke.


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