Friday, September 14, 2012

My Monthly Musings: August 2012

    Yes.  I realize it is September, not August.......but these were my musings in August, not you will see below.


     I am so excited. I finally figured out a good way to keep track of my random blogging thoughts and how to post them.

      I am using the " notes" section of my iPhone to jot them down and then I will post them on TUAR at the end of the month......or, like this......the beginning of the next month......or, whenever......
Or, maybe whenever they are long enough. Either way, it is nice to have a plan. :). And, since my phone is always with me..... I can take advantage of the spontaneity of my thoughts. For my own edification, of course.  ;)

     It will be like journaling and writing one of those lengthy letters to a friend, combined in one place. I hope this idea works. So far, it does........and I have already started on September's Musings....

      And, here is the first entry, written while watching the sun set on the lake. A perfectly lovely summer evening:

      I took advantage of a kayak sitting next to me on the lake shore. It was a little awkward for my uncoordinated-self, like I expected. I just sat in it in the shallow water for a bit and then finally braved to venture out into the lagoon. I loved it. I paddled all around the edge of the lagoon. It was so fun to be on the other side. I have always wanted to see what was over there. It was just like a nature walk, but I was floating in the water. I really wished my camera could have come along for the ride.

 I can't wait to go again. I might even be brave enough to wander out into the big lake.

     So, while I an sitting here.......there is a moose call.  At least it sounds like a moose......but, there are no moose here.  Maybe a Roosevelt elk?  Those are in our county somewhere....and then finally it dawns on me.  A bullfrog.  I had no idea they sounded like a moose!

What does a bull frog found like??  Click play below and find out!

Is this your first time hearing a bullfrog?  In the lagoon where I was sitting, when we heard our bullfrog.....the sound was a lot bigger than any frog could have been!  I have heard the sound before....just never gave the credit for it to the right creature.


Oh, my. I have added yet another book to my bedside reading stack. I need to stop. I must stop.

The books are actually beginning to explode off of the shelf.  Yikes.

Really. They just get in the way of my trying to eat up the classics.

I think I have added more to the stacks than what I have read this year.

So much for The Bedside Table Reading Challenge......

Someone scold me, please?


The BeeGees???  Seriously?  This was moved to its own post......


A couple of funny things about that google search for our blog......

2 people found their way over here to TUAR when searching:

"Mountain subterranean storage"

What the heck?  Two did that???

I wonder what post it brought them to.....


Let the driving crazy begin.

It started in the middle of August with soccer practice in the some of the evenings for one kid......increased the following week with daily evening soccer for the next kid.

On the twentieth, we added another drive, this time to the junior college....... A twice daily drive from
Now until......whenever she gets her license....for five days a week.

On the twenty -first. Another kid is off to the JC for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The following week, we added a weekly Tuesday drive for meeting with a teacher.
Vintage Clip Art of a Family Driving in a Car

And later that week.......MWF driving of a teen to his drama class.

And, the same week, we added weekly Saturday soccer games.

Of course, there are three adults here, who drive, and have work schedules as well.

Sigh.  Be sure to call before you stop by my house.......

Thanks for musing with me.......


  1. I wonder if I should have written notes on my iPad instead of creating more and more blogs? Now that I've finished designing them all, I'm beginning to get bored with them:-/

    Do your children have to log up hours for their drivers licence, Chari? Ours have to do 120 hours, including 20 at night. It seems like such a lot.

    God bless:-)

    PS. I used to like the BeeGees when I was growing up (blush, blush!)

    1. NO WAY!!! You, of all people, liked the BeeGees??? Why must we blush when we say that? My kids have wholeheartedly accepted them, without pretense. :)

      Too many blogs can be quite distracting. Willa has gone through that phase at least once or twice.....and in the end, she usually sticks with one.

      Personally, I only want you to have one blog.....because I always have such a hard time keeping up with one as it I need to be reading your other blogs to keep up? Have you been writing on them? Where do you have the links listed?

      Since we do not let the kids get their driver's license till they are 18 years.......we do not have to log anything. But....for the 16 yo in CA, I think they do need to have about that much....

      Think of it this way: after 120 hours, their chances of dying in a car accident is reduced significantly. Makes it worth all the trouble.

      God bless, my friend!

  2. I FINALLY got your blog into my Google Reader. I'm a bit slow. I just read your last ten or so posts. I'm bummed that I didn't do this sooner. I will definitely enjoy reading from now on. The bullfrog??? Oh my-I would think someone was trying to play a saxophone or something in the woods. I would have never imagined they sound like that. I am amazed at the decibel of sound even the tiny froggies can make, like we get in our yard. It's so cool.

    1. I am so glad you found a way to keep up over here, Frances! It just makes one more way to "stay in touch" with each other. :)

      Ten posts, eh?? You definitely got sucked in ;)

      As for the bullfrog, if you go to North Shore....and take that first parking lot past the bridge, driving past it to the little peninsula......and there at the lagoon on the right....sometime just before just might hear the bullfrog in real life. I have heard out there severl times.



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